What does "crowning" look like?

Milo turns 9 months this Saturday which has this mama frequenting memory lane. I've been watching  ALL the birth films, especially my own. I spend some time looking through the beautiful images by Evie from Milo's birth-day and came across a rad crowning image. Milo was a normal head down anterior position baby. Her birth, though she was my biggest baby, was the easiest and most spiritual. Lilah, my toddler, was a breech birth. I wouldn't describe her birth as easy by any means but it certainly wasn't an excruciating experience like most would assume with her being a breech babe. 

Those who know me understand I have an obsession with all things birth. I love to learn. I love to witness. I love to bathe in birth vibes. I assume everyone is this passionate about birth too? No? Ha well then look away because I am about to share some super personal images of my babies crowning :) Perhaps it will help ease a pregnant mama's anxiety about that dreaded crowning moment. Perhaps it will bring a tear to your eye. Maybe it will disgust you. Who knows...But I love stuff like this so here ya go ;)