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Kindred Photographer


I am a 4 year old little girl at a friends house who had family over for dinner. Tejano music is blaring from the radio, fajitas on the grill,  Abuelita is floating around making sure family is comfortable, and her Tia is nursing the baby, uncovered, on the couch in front of me. I have no previous memories of seeing a woman breastfeed her child. I remember watching this tender moment, Tia sweetly smiling at me, and I am thinking "Yeah, this makes sense". 

I am 19 and pregnant with my first baby. I am obsess with birth, reading stories and wondering how these home and water births are even possible. I thought you had to birth a baby in the hospital? I am in labor and we head to Baylor Dallas. Im so excited to meet this new baby who will forever change my life. 18 hours later (and 3 hours of pushing) I meet my girl. We have just a minute together before the nurses take her away from me and give her a bed in the NICU. All I want to do is be with her and breastfeed, bond, and love on her. But I am told I can't see her because I am unable to walk only hours after this traumatic birth. I have a few foggy memories of that day and they mostly consist of pain and hurt. I wish so bad I would have asked my mom to take pictures. Traumatic or not, I want to remember everything. 

My baby girl is nearly a week old and we bring her to our little home where I begin taking hundreds of photos with my little point and shoot. I document everything that is worth remembering. Sneezes, smiles, bruises, spit bubbles. I need to remember all of it. I get my first DSLR and the trajectory of my creative passion is clear, so vibrant.

I will be a photographer that captures a Woman's fire.

As the years pass I learn everything I can about photography. I fine tune my eye and art and create a business that fuels me. 

Kindred Photographer was developed with the Woman in mind. What is it that makes us so special? What is it that you are passionate about? Your journey is worth celebrating be it Maiden or Motherhood or the like. 



Brandi Johnson has collaborated with many Woman Owned companies (like Honey & Sage co). She has a passion for serving Women in the postpartum period. She is currently studying as an herbalist, specializing in womb wellness, and creating a womb centered business to help women reach the vitality they deserve. 


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