Beautiful Things
i was nursing my *almost* 11 month babe to a dreamy land while editing photos in the wee hours of the morning when something in my peripheral vision caught my eye. it was lovely and beautiful and real. it was us. she and i. it was our reflexion in my big mirror next to my desk.
{shooting at 1 am is tricky. ISO 6500, 1.8 aperture}
i stared at us for a while, inspecting everything i saw. normally when i stand in front of the mirror i see the imperfections. the muffin tops and saggy boobs. the cellulite and pale yellow complexion. i try not to but i do. but this time was different. i saw a mama who loved her baby with everything she had to give. i saw the way this mama rested her hand so gently on baby's head. i saw those glorious marks left by each little human she carried for months. 
it was empowering. i felt beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! 
so this is for you. 
the mama who stands in front of the mirror inspecting each and every imperfection. 
the mama who sits in totally uncomfortable and awkward positions just to cover up the belly fat. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. 
the mama who lifts her arms high above her head in front of the mirror wishing her breast were that much "perkier". 
the mama who refuses to wear shorts in 90 degree weather because of that cellulite you just can't seem to get rid of. 
the mama who sits in the floor and cries in a store dressing room. 
and don't forget that dammit.