What does Body Positivity look like to you?

What does Body Positivity look like to you?
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I've had to work really hard to learn to love my body exactly how it is. Growing up, it was always "If I only looked like her" and that smashed my self esteem as a teenager, and even more as a teenage mom. As I grow older I collect bits of wisdom from the incredible women around me that lift me up. Big shout out to my husband who loves to grope me and tell me Im beautiful, even on my worst days. While the people I surround myself with HELP me learn self love, it truly comes from within. Deep in my heart I know that I am a woman. We come is all shapes and sizes. We have dimples and cellulite and stretchmarks and jiggly asses. Or maybe we work really hard to have a toned body with minimal jiggle. Or maybe we are naturally skinny and work really hard to keep our weight up. Regardless, we are who we are and we should be proud of it. 

I am a photographer that specializes in Wombanhood and with that I have had incredibly emotional sessions hoping to help a woman find empowerment in her self. The sessions are always diverse and look different for any woman who allows me to tap in to a bit of her raw, authentic, fiery self. Surprisingly though, I have never captured a woman surrounded in FIRE. I have fire on my mind, Sisters. The season is changing and I feel the calling to embrace this Autumn Equinox. 

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So I bring you, in collaboration with Honey & Sage , a Sage Woman Day Camp. This is a FREE gathering, starting Saturday afternoon. If you choose (and I highly encourage you to take advantage) you may purchase a Body Positive photo shoot with me for only $150. Included is a 15 minute slot where you will get a gallery of 20-30 images to download at your leisure. This is a $500 value, folks. These sessions can be shot anywhere on my property but I am hoping at least one of you will allow me to capture the essence of the FIRE within you, meaning shooting around a bonfire during the blue hour of the evening. 

This event will be at my property in Wolfe City, Texas. I live in a tiny home so there will be no available indoor sleeping arrangements available but if you choose to you may set up camp on the property where we will take time to connect with the earth, a reset I often need when feeling stressed. This is a potluck style event so please bring your own food to prepare around the campfire on Saturday night and Sunday morning breakfast. I also have a stove top and a grill that we can utilize. You may choose to attend the gathering and leave Saturday evening if you don't feel keen on roughin' it with fellow Sage Women. Please note: This is a kid free event <3 

To book a session please call or text at 903.241.4309, email me, or message me on Facebook

Sister, I so hope to see you there.