Kindred Photographer
Kindred Photographer
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Brandi Johnson is a photographer living in North East Tx. who's passion is to document the raw vulnerability that makes women so magical. She specializes in the phases of WOMANHOOD, be it Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, or Crone. 

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If you are a regular reader of The Natural Parent Magazine website, you will have seen Kindred Photographer, aka Brandi Johnson’s work already. Her photographs capture the innate beauty of women – whether they are in the middle of pregnancy, during birth, breastfeeding or being a mum. Her photographs are full of personality and vibrant colours, capturing the essence of the Natural Parent within each of these women – with a touch of magic.
— The Natural Parent Magazine
maiden mother enchantress body positive nude in nature


Amy says

"Brandi made me feel like a goddess. It is evident someone with a beautiful soul is behind the lens. Her photos evoke so much emotion. You can see right into the heart of my story perfectly."

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Jenny says

"Never would I have ever thought I'd do a photoshoot just of me, for me -- but with Brandi's amazing talent and her ability to guide you through a session while making you feel you're absolute best, I did. And I would definitely do it again. I got so many beautiful images that I was cherish forever."

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